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The issue of sustainability has been among the top concerns of IT practitioners for some time now. Although sustainability of and through IT can only be reached if all stakeholders work together, current teaching and on-the-job training approaches do not provide the required understanding of how to govern the cooperation. Furthermore, there is a general gap(More)
This paper conceptualizes a hybrid package of products and services which ensures the energy efficient planning, realization and operation of IT infrastructure. It follows the well-established procedure model of product-service systems engineering and pursues a qualitative research approach that is based on two industry workshops with more than 60(More)
In this paper, we develop an integrated approach for teaching professionals IT management and IT consulting (ITMC). With the help of a design science research methodology, we aim to facilitate and improve the collaboration between research and practice. After a comprehensive literature study we conduct interviews in order to identify problems and(More)
Modeling tools are one of the major success factors for business process management endeavors. They not only ultimately provide the modeling language to be used but also define the way of interaction when creating and using those models. Thereby, already the selection of the right modeling tool is a decisive factor for success or failure of any modeling(More)
Thequality determination of businessprocessm odels is ac omplex and demanding task. In literature,aplethorao fd ifferent quality criteria can be identified anda re respectivelyu sedb yp ractitioners. Thes election of quality criteria depends on theo ne hand on ther espectivep references of thei ndividual modeller.Onthe other hand,itis prescribed by(More)
As today's Information Technology (IT) penetrates the business of almost any company, the IT integration of two companies is regarded as one of the most challenging tasks in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). This integration mainly takes place during the post-merger integration (PMI) phase of an M&A endeavor. In this phase, well-defined IT governance is(More)
Nachhaltigkeit wird zu einem zunehmend wichtigen Thema für die IT. Während bislang vor allem der ökologische Aspekt betrachtet wurde, wird in die-sem Beitrag ein Reifegradmodell zur Integration aller drei Säulen der Nachhaltig-keit (ökonomisch, ökologisch, sozial) entwickelt. Abschließend wird dieses Reife-gradmodell in zwei Experteninterviews evaluiert und(More)