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This paper describes the use of computer-aided analysis for the design and development of an integrated financial management system by the Navy Material Command Support Activity (NMCSA). Computer-aided analysis consists of a set of procedures and computer programs specifically designed to aid in the process of applications software design, computer(More)
Intellectual capital reuse and sharing in the specialized domain of project planning and execution are the focus of this paper. The key expansion beyond ordinary intellectual capital is pairing a context-specific intellectual capital structure with a matching context-specific intellectual capital management process. Beyond the fundamentals of gathering,(More)
In Chapter 1, we explored the mathematical representation of a variety of waveforms of interest, including sensor outputs, recorded data measurements or other information-bearing signals as either continuous-time or discrete-time signals. In this chapter, we develop the notion of a system as a means for transforming one signal into another signal.(More)
This paper describe s the use of computer aided analysis for t.he d:2siqn and developm ent of an integrate d financia l management system by the Navy Material Command Support Activity. Computer aided-an alysis consists of a set of procedur es a~d computer proqrdrns specific ally designed to aid in the process of applicat ions software design, computer(More)
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