Carl Simon Heckmann

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OBJECTIVES Several epidemiological studies address psychosomatic self regulation as a measure of quality of life aspects. However, although widely used in studies with a focus on complementary cancer treatment, and recognized to be associated with better survival of cancer patients, it is unclear what the self regulation questionnaire exactly measures. (More)
BACKGROUND To broaden the range of outcomes that we can measure for patients undergoing treatment for oncological and other chronic conditions, we aimed to validate a questionnaire measuring self-reported autonomic regulation (aR), i.e. to characterise a subject's autonomic functioning by questions on sleeping and waking, vertigo, morningness-eveningness,(More)
In todays digitized and globalized economy, many industries simultaneously face increasing competitive pressures and unprecedented speed of change in business conditions. As IT budgets are limited, process owners and IT departments need to decide how to divide their spending on efficiency-enhancing and flexibility-enhancing IT capabilities to optimally(More)
Muscle biopsies of 5 patients with congenital muscular dystrophy (CMD) (8 months to 3 years old) were examined by electron microscopy to determine ultrastructural abnormalities of the muscle as well as of the connective tissue cells. Two populations of muscle fibers were observed in each biopsy. Besides muscle fibers with normal or enlarged diameters there(More)
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