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A new general strategy based on the use of multiparameter fluorescence detection (MFD) to register and quantitatively analyse fluorescence images is introduced. Multiparameter fluorescence imaging (MFDi) uses pulsed excitation, time-correlated single-photon counting and a special pixel clock to simultaneously monitor the changes in the eight-dimensional(More)
Picosecond time-resolution fluorescence signal detection over many hours is possible using the time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) technique. Advanced TCSPC with clock oscillator set by the pulsed laser and data analysis provides a tool to investigate processes in single molecules on time scale from picoseconds to seconds. Optical imaging(More)
A wide bandwidth, body contact, directive beam, circularly polarized, and single arm Archimedean spiral antenna with an integrated coupler is proposed for radiometric temperature measurement inside a human body at S-band. An innovative integration of two functions in one configuration is done in a straightforward design. The coupler consists of 50 Ω(More)
A thermally stable L-band switch module containing two very low noise amplifiers, high gain, low insertion loss, and high isolation between the amplifiers input ports is proposed for radiometric medical applications. The modified second stage of a Dicke radiometer front end consists of two low noise amplifiers followed by an SPDT switch. Grounded coplanar(More)
Metamaterial superstrate and slotted technique has been shown to affect antenna bandwidth and gain. This project investigated slot technique and metamaterial superstrate. The slot technique was used to enhance antenna bandwidth. Metamaterial superstrate was used to enhance bandwidth and narrow beamwidth. The gain has been improved by around 4 dB. The(More)
Based on compelling in vivo and in vitro studies on human skin, carotenoids are thought to be of great interest as powerful antioxidants acting to prevent free-radical-induced damages, including premature skin ageing and the development of skin diseases such as cancer. Among the available techniques that are suitable for noninvasive determination of(More)
Due to miniaturization and advantages offered, RF MEMS capacitors have recently been developed for utilization in microwave circuits, i.e., wireless communication applications such as filters, matching networks, and phase shifters among others. Throughout this presented work two-plate RF MEMS capacitor networks with two different number of membranes are(More)
A wide bandwidth, high-gain and high directivity multi-layer patch antenna integrated with coupler and covered with metamaterial superstrate is proposed for frequency range of 10.8 to 12 GHz. The novel high level of integration of three different functions in one configuration is done in a straightforward design. It consists of a 50 ohm microstrip line(More)
A wideband, body contact, directive beam, circularly polarized, single arm, Archimedean spiral antenna for radiometric temperature measurement inside a human body in S-band and an SAR (specific absorption rate) measurement method using a thermal camera are described in this paper. A new approach of designing the spiral antenna based on using the estimated(More)
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