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Physicians have many questions when caring for patients, and frequently need to seek answers for their questions. Information retrieval systems (e.g., PubMed) typically return a list of documents in response to a user's query. Frequently the number of returned documents is large and makes physicians' information seeking "practical only 'after hours' and not(More)
The emergence of the Internet as today’s primary medium of music distribution has brought about demands for fast and reliable ways to organize, access, and discover music online. To date, many applications designed to perform such tasks have risen to popularity; each relies on a specific form of music metadata to help consumers discover songs and artists(More)
With the increasing trend of neural network models towards larger structures with more layers, we expect a corresponding exponential increase in the number of possible architectures. In this paper, we apply a hybrid evolutionary search procedure to define the initialization and architectural parameters of convolutional networks, one of the first successful(More)
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