Carl R. Elks

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Dean of the Graduate School ______________________________________ DEDICATION To my parents Donald and Monica and youngest brother Bruce whom we miss very much and dearly love. Also, to my sister Mary and her three daughters Josie, Danny and Alicia. Finally, to my brother Larry who I love and ask that God have mercy on us both. Bryant et al.). I am very(More)
The ever increasing use of safety-critical computer systems, such as nuclear reactor protection systems, and fatal consequences resulting from a potential failure urge stringent safety requirements. As a corollary, it is necessary to quantify the dependability of such systems. Techniques for dependability analysis primarily rely on analytical modeling of(More)
NRC publications in the NUREG series, NRC regulations, and Title 10, Energy, in the Code of Federal Regulations may also be purchased from one of these two sources. are updated periodically and may differ from the last printed version. Although references to material found on a Web site bear the date the material was accessed, the material available on the(More)
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