Carl O'Dwyer

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Atomic-scale molecular dynamics computer simulations are used to probe the structure, dynamics, and energetics of alkylamine self-assembled monolayer (SAM) films on graphene and to model the formation of molecular bilayers and protein complexes on the films. Routes toward the development and exploitation of functionalized graphene structures are detailed(More)
We analyze the physical-chemical surface properties of single-slit, single-groove subwavelength-structured silver films with high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and calculate exact solutions to Maxwell's equations corresponding to recent far-field interferometry experiments using these structures. Contrary to a recent suggestion the surface(More)
A detailed study of the self-assembly and coverage by 1-nonanethiol of sputtered Au surfaces using molecular resolution atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) is presented. The monolayer self-assembles on a smooth Au surface composed predominantly of [111] oriented grains. The domains of the alkanethiol monolayer are observed(More)
Layered metal oxides provide a single-step route to sheathed superlattices of atomic layers of a variety of inorganic materials, where the interlayer spacing and overall layered structure forms the most critical feature in the nanomaterials' growth and application in electronics, health, and energy storage. We use a combination of computer simulations and(More)
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