Carl Magnus Rudenstam

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BACKGROUND Hormone replacement therapy (HT) is known to increase the risk of breast cancer in healthy women, but its effect on breast cancer risk in breast cancer survivors is less clear. The randomized HABITS study, which compared HT for menopausal symptoms with best management without hormones among women with previously treated breast cancer, was stopped(More)
A solid phase radioimmunoassay was devised for measuring the value of the carcinoma associated carbohydrate antigen CA 50 in serum based on the use of a specific monoclonal antibody (C 50). Samples of serum from 259 patients with carcinoma, 114 patients with other malignancies or inflammatory diseases, and 150 healthy controls were examined. Serum values of(More)
Radiolabelled sarcoma cells injected into the tail veins of normal rats were held up almost exclusively in the lung, and were not observed to pass through into the systemic circulation. Intramuscularly injected tumour cells were retained at the site of injection. Radioactivity was lost from both sites though more rapidly from the lung than from muscular(More)