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Fractured neck of femur (FNOF) is an increasing problem for the National Health Service (NHS) with 61,508 recorded on the National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD) in 2012–2013 and treatment of such patients is estimated to cost the NHS £1.5 billion per year. Inpatients falling in hospital and sustain a FNOF have rarely been studied as a separate group of(More)
Soft tissue sarcomas are rare malignancies, of which liposarcomas are the most common. Pleomorphic liposarcoma accounts for 5% of liposarcoma diagnoses and most commonly presents in the thigh. A 57-year-old female presented with a 5-year history of a persistent, painless swelling of the left great toe that had been previously diagnosed and treated as an(More)
Conventional value-elicitation experiments often find subjects provide higher valuations for items they posses than for identical items they may acquire. Plott and Zeiler (2005) replicate this willingness-to-pay/willingness-to-accept " gap " with conventional experimental procedures, but find no gap after implementing procedures that provide for subject(More)
BACKGROUND Optimising post-operative joint function is challenging when treating periarticular soft tissue sarcoma (STS). Radiotherapy reduces local recurrence rates but periarticular fibrosis may adversely affect joint function. Neo-adjuvant radiotherapy requires lower doses and smaller treatment volumes and therefore has potential benefits for the(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the management of myxofibrosarcoma in a single specialist centre, and examine factors contributing to local recurrence, metastasis and patient survival. Retrospective analysis of the referral, diagnosis, and management were obtained. Outcome measures including local recurrence, metastasis and death were recorded. 30(More)
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