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Two different methods for the prevention of ankle joint injuries in soccer were tested. Coordination training on an ankle disk improves functional stability and postural control, whereas an orthosis provides mechanical support. Both techniques reduce the frequency of ankle sprains in soccer players with previous ankle problems. The orthosis is an(More)
BACKGROUND Hamstring injury is the single most common injury in European professional football and, therefore, time to return and secondary prevention are of particular concern. OBJECTIVE To compare the effectiveness of two rehabilitation protocols after acute hamstring injury in Swedish elite football players by evaluating time needed to return to full(More)
BACKGROUND Owing to the complexity and heterogeneity of muscle injuries, a generally accepted classification system is still lacking. AIMS To prospectively implement and validate a novel muscle injury classification and to evaluate its predictive value for return to professional football. METHODS The recently described Munich muscle injury(More)
Background: Acute hamstring strains are common injuries in different sports. They are often serious, causing long rehabilitation times and a proneness for re-injury. Preliminary observations indicate that the injuries can be of at least two types, one occurring during high-speed running and the other during motions where the hamstring muscles reach extreme(More)
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