Carl L Hillermann

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PURPOSE Recurrent laryngeal nerve damage remains one of the most devastating complications of thyroid surgery. However, nerve identification is not always easy, and a reliable method to locate nerves intraoperatively is needed. METHODS Thirty consecutive patients were anesthetized for elective thyroid surgery using a standard technique. Indications for(More)
We compared the time taken to perform cricothyroidotomy on a manikin to that on a medium fidelity simulator, to assess the effect of psychological stress and time pressure on performance. Seventy anaesthetists participated in this randomised cross-over study. Fifty-four (77%) anaesthetists took longer on the simulator, with the mean (SD) time taken to(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Pentax airway scope (AWS) has been successfully used for managing difficult intubations. In this case series, we aimed to evaluate the success rate and time taken to complete intubation, when AWS was used for awake tracheal intubation. METHODS We prospectively evaluated the use of AWS for awake tracheal intubation in 30 patients.(More)
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