Carl-Johan Thore

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Contractions of uterine smooth muscle cells consist of a chain of physiological processes. These contractions provide the required force to expel the fetus from the uterus. The inclusion of these physiological processes is, therefore, imperative when studying uterine contractions. In this study, an electro-chemo-mechanical model to replicate the excitation,(More)
A method for estimation of central arterial pressure based on linear one-dimensional wave propagation theory is presented in this paper. The equations are applied to a distributed model of the arterial tree, truncated by three-element windkessels. To reflect individual differences in the properties of the arterial trees, we pose a minimization problem from(More)
Many biological and artificial systems are made up from similar, relatively simple elements that interact directly with their nearest neighbors. Despite the simplicity of the individual building blocks, systems of this type, network systems, often display complex behavior — an observation which has inspired disciplines such as artificial neural networks and(More)
Training of recurrent neural networks is typically formulated as unconstrained optimization problems. There is, however, an implicit constraint stating that the equations of state must be satisfied at every iteration in the optimization process. Such constraints can make a problem highly non-linear and thus difficult to solve. A potential remedy is to(More)
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