Carl Johan Lamm

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BACKGROUND Although inhaled glucocorticosteroids are recommended for persistent asthma, their long-term effect on recent onset, mild, persistent asthma has yet to be established. METHODS We did a randomised, double-blind clinical trial in 7241 patients in 32 countries to assess the effects of budesonide in patients who had had mild persistent asthma for(More)
In most clinical trials, some patients do not complete their intended follow-up according to protocol, for a variety of reasons, and are often described as having 'dropped out' before the conclusion of the trial. Their subsequent measurements are missing, and this makes the analysis of the trial's repeated measures data more difficult. In this paper we(More)
Many biological processes give outcome data which show a curvilinear association with time which tends to an asymptote. We show how autoregressive models can be used to describe this association within individual subjects. We also present a Bayesian approach implemented using statistical software, BUGS, to fit these models in a multi-level (hierarchical)(More)
Early intervention with budesonide is an effective strategy for mild persistent asthma, which has been shown to provide additional clinical benefits at a low incremental cost using USA cost data. The present authors analysed whether this strategy would be cost-effective using cost data for other countries. Based on the 3-yr prospective, randomised,(More)
BACKGROUND While the impact of knee pain and knee osteoarthritis (OA) on health-related quality of life (HRQoL) has been investigated in the literature, there is a lack of knowledge on the impact of different definitions of OA on HRQoL. The main aim of this study was to measure and compare the impact of knee OA and its different definitions on HRQoL in the(More)
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