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BACKGROUND: Anal fistulas in patients with Crohn's disease are especially difficult to manage because of nonhealing and incontinence. We reviewed our outcomes for the newer sphincter-preserving techniques of anal fistula plug and fibrin glue compared with standard treatments of advancement flap closure and seton drain insertion. METHODS: This was a(More)
its extent of spread. Being aware that multiple simultaneous CSF leaks are often present, 4 two separate epidurals may lead to a more complete dural tamponade and better sealing in the upper cervical meninges. Injection at two separate sites may decrease the possibility of spinal compression from a large amount of blood and guarantee a more uniform(More)
This paper presents a single case controlled study of a 75-year-old male having bilateral total knee replacement. Baseline EMG recordings demonstrated differential levels of vastus medialis and vastus lateralis muscle activity in both knees during exercise, with increased vastus lateralis activity compared to vastus medialis activity. The purpose of the(More)
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