Carl-Inge Colombo Nilsen

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Applying the Capon adaptive beamformer in medical ultrasound imaging results in enhanced resolution by improving the interference-suppressing capabilities of the array. This improvement comes at the expense of an increased computational complexity. We have investigated the application of a beamspace adaptive beamformer for medical ultrasound imaging, which(More)
The coherence factor (CF) is used for aberration correction and sidelobe suppression in ultrasound imaging. Unfortunately, it suffers from artifacts when the SNR is low. We show how the CF can be interpreted as an implementation of the Wiener postfilter for a delay-and-sum beamformer. In addition, we show that a minimum-variance, distortionless-response(More)
To reduce the variance of speckle in coherent imaging systems, one must average images with different speckle realizations. Traditionally, these images have been formed by observing the target region from slightly different angles (spatial compounding) or by varying the involved temporal frequencies (frequency compounding). In this paper, we investigate a(More)
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