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The present study compared 18 younger (M = 21.00 years) and 17 older adults (M = 64.29 years) in a modified vigilance task that required the inhibition of a routinized response. The task was a 50-min simulation of industrial inspection, wherein observers were presented with simple displays labeled "good" and "bad" parts. General linear modeling indicated(More)
The Roadwise Review has been reported to provide an effective means of self-assessing and predicting driving difficulties in older adults. We administered it to 73 community-dwelling older drivers (M = 73 years) and also gathered data on self-reported driving difficulties, 2-year retrospective collisions, and moving violations. The acuity tests and Useful(More)
One of the primary goals of teaching is to prepare learners' for life in the real world. Given that we live in a three dimensional world educators must teach 3D concepts. As 3D content becomes increasingly available through the Internet, large display touch and tangible manipulation needs to make 3D manipulation simple and uncluttered to enable adoption in(More)
Background/Purpose: The 85+-year-old population – the " oldest old " – is now the fastest growing age segment in Canada. Although existing research demonstrates high health services utilization and prescribed medications in this population , little epidemiological evidence is available to guide care for this age group. Objective: To describe the(More)
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