Carl Hellesen

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  • O. Skibsted Als, C. Christiansen, C. Hellesen
  • 1984
The bone mineral content (BMC) in both forearms (highly correlated to total body calcium) was measured by photon absorptiometry in a representative sample of rheumatoid arthritis outpatients comprising 129 patients treated with either gold salts (n=29), penicillamine (n=61), prednisone (n=24), or other anti-RA drugs (n=15). The mean BMC value was 84% of(More)
HLA-A, B, C, D, and DR typing was performed in 104 patients with Juvenile Chronic Arthritis (JCA). The majority of these (88 patients) participated in a follow-up study of a series of consecutive patients including patients in remission. The study confirmed that JCA is positively associated with B27, Dw8, and possibly Dw5, and negatively associated with Dw2(More)
A method to generate modeled neutron spectra from bulk and fast ion distributions simulated by TRANSP has been developed. In this paper, modeled data generated from fuel ion distributions modeled with TRANSP is compared to measured data from two neutron spectrometers with different lines of sight; TOFOR with a radial one and the MPRu with a tangential one.(More)
" This document is intended for publication in the open literature. It is made available on the understanding that it may not be further circulated and extracts or references may not be published prior to publication of the original when applicable, or without the consent of the Publications Officer, ABSTRACT Free unfolding in neutron spectroscopy means(More)
The fuel ion ratio nt/nd is an essential parameter for plasma control in fusion reactor relevant applications, since maximum fusion power is attained when equal amounts of tritium (T) and deuterium (D) are present in the plasma, i.e., nt/nd = 1.0. For neutral beam heated plasmas, this parameter can be measured using a single neutron spectrometer, as has(More)
A total of 48 patients with juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA) were typed for HLA-A, -B, -C, -D and -DR antigens and 36 patients were also typed for HLA-D/DR associated "DR"-antigens with the primed lymphocyte typing technique. In the total group of patients, we found increased frequencies of HLA-B27, HLA-Dw/DP5 and HLA-Dw/DP8, and decreased frequencies of(More)
In this paper, we present the results obtained from the data analysis of neutron spectra measured with a NE213 liquid scintillator at JET. We calculated the neutron response matrix of the instrument combining MCNPX simulations, a generic proton light output function measured with another detector and the fit of data from ohmic pulses. For the analysis, we(More)
In a double-blind, crossover multicentre trial the effect on morning stiffness and occurrence of side effects of a controlled-release indomethacin preparation, Indotard, was compared with a conventional preparation, Indocid. 30 Patients between 38 and 74 years of age--six from each centre--underwent the investigation: A 4-day escalating period and 2 X 7(More)