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Pattern reversal visual evoked potential (VEP) test was performed in 30 asymptomatic patients with neurofibromatosis (NF). All patients had normal visual acuity, visual fields, and ophthalmoscopic examination results. Pattern reversal VEP was abnormal in eight patients (26%). Seven of these patients had computed tomographic scans with reformated orbital(More)
The clinical efficacy of the trihexyphenidyl was investigated in 100 patients with movement disorders. The study group consisted of 54 women and 46 men. Their ages ranged from 18 to 70 years, and their duration of illness varied from a few months to 36 years. Each patient had a videotape of the movements and a neurological examination, before administration(More)
The yield of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging was investigated in 30 patients with partial complex epilepsy, and the results were compared with those of computed tomography (CT). Magnetic resonance imaging and CT disclosed focal cerebral abnormalities in 13 (43%) and eight (26%) patients, respectively. Two additional focal temporal lesions were identified by(More)
Neurologic symptoms are common in all practice settings, and neurologic diseases comprise a large and increasing proportion of health care expenditures and global disease burden. Consequently, the training of all physicians should prepare them to recognize patients who may have neurologic disease, and to take the initial steps in evaluating and managing(More)