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Only 12% of all homicides in the United States are committed by women (Browne & Williams, 1989; Jones, 1981), and the majority of these women are killing their abusive and violent partners. The woman who has killed her partner is now a criminal defendant, which adds a very complicated dimension to her plight. The battered woman who kills her assaulter is(More)
The American Educational Research Association (AERA) is pleased to provide guidelines for reporting on research methods in empirical articles published in AERA journals. Central to AERA's mission is the advancement of education research. As a scholarly publisher, the Association disseminates wide ranging scholarship including empirical research; historical(More)
Despite the many technological advances that the information industry has witnessed over the past decades, barriers to the full use of information remain. Part of this problem is due to the volume of content and data that is available today. But the information silos created by proprietary system interfaces and the resultant lack of open use of content are(More)