Carl Gamble

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Provenance metadata can be valuable in data sharing settings, where it can be used to help data consumers form judgements regarding the reliability of the data produced by third parties. However, some parts of provenance may be sensitive, requiring access control, or they may need to be simplified for the intended audience. Both these issues can be(More)
The insider threat problem is a significant and ever present issue faced by any organisation. While security mechanisms can be put in place to reduce the chances of external agents gaining access to a system, either to steal assets or alter records, the issue is more complex in tackling insider threat. If an employee already has legitimate access rights to(More)
The engineering of dependable cyber-physical systems (CPSs) is inherently collaborative, demanding cooperation between diverse disciplines. A goal of current research is the development of integrated tool chains for model-based CPS design that support co-modelling, analysis, co-simulation, testing and implementation. We discuss the role of formal methods in(More)
In this paper, we present the concept of "Ben-ware" as a beneficial software system capable of identifying anomalous human behaviour within a 'closed' organisation's IT infrastructure. We note that this behaviour may be malicious (for example, an employee is seeking to act against the best interest of the organisation by stealing confidential information)(More)
1 Context of the work This work has been motivated by work within the GOLD[2] project, which seeks to build an architecture to facilitate the creation and maintenance of Virtual Organisations within the Chemical Engineering sector, and DSTL. Within the School of Computing Science at New-castle, a group has been working to develop a common understanding of(More)