Carl E Rosenkilde

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Single unit activity was recorded extracellularly from ventral prefrontal cortex (VPC) of monkeys during performance of two short-term memory tasks: spatial delayed response and delayed matching to sample. The tasks required perception, retention and recognition of visual cues differing in either color or spatial location. Two separate areas of VPC were(More)
Fourteen cats were trained to discriminate between 5 and 20 s periods of confinement as evidenced by differential responding to two feeders. In a subsequent titration procedure the cats discriminated 5 from 10 or even 8 s. Positional mediation of correct responses was observed only in some animals. The present task may complement the classical and operant(More)
Cats were trained on a time-discrimination task in which different periods of bodily confinement served as discriminanda for go-left/go-right responding. Lesions of gyrus proreus or the associated anteroventral part of nucleus caudatus impaired relearning in this situation. After reacquisition, animals with caudate lesions received proreal ablations and(More)