Carl E. Johnson

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Memory and attentional control impairments are the two most common forms of dysfunction following mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and lead to significant morbidity in patients, yet these functions are thought to be supported by different brain networks. This 3 T magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) study investigates whether microstructural(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Delayed cerebral ischemia (DCI) is a devastating condition that occurs secondary to aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (A-SAH). The purpose is to compare computed tomography perfusion (CTP) and digital subtraction angiography (DSA) for determining DCI in A-SAH. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective study of A-SAH patients admitted(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The purpose is to perform outcomes-based assessment of a new reference standard for delayed cerebral ischemia (DCI) related to vasospasm. MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospective study was performed with consecutive aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (A-SAH) patients between January 2002 and May 2009. A new reference standard for DCI(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare different methods of measuring tumor growth after resection of vestibular schwannoma and to identify predictors of growth. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective case review. SETTING Tertiary referral center, inpatient surgery with ambulatory follow-up. PATIENTS All patients who underwent vestibular schwannoma resection by the senior author(More)
1. Bei untrainierter, mehrstündiger, schwerer Arbeit sinkt der Blutzucker auf außerordentlich niedrige Werte. Es kommt nach Eiweißaufnähme zu einer umfangreichen Bildung von Glykogen aus Eiweiß. 2. Wenn die gleiche Arbeit von demselben Menschen im trainierten Zustande geleistet wird, werden die Glykogenvorräte viel weniger erschöpft. Bei untrainierter,(More)
1. Extrakte von Brot und Fleisch, die in einen Blindsack des Antrum pylori eingeführt wurden, erwiesen sich als magensafttreibend. 2. Der im Fleisch enthaltene wirksame Stoff ist fester an das Fleisch gebunden als die chemisch bekannten Extraktivstoffe. 3. Auch nach Durchschneidung des Vagus bewirkt ein Extrakt der Magenschleimhaut, intravenös gegeben,(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES A gold standard is often an imperfect diagnostic test, falling short of achieving 100% accuracy in clinical practice. Using an imperfect gold standard without fully comprehending its limitations and biases can lead to erroneous classification of patients with and without disease. This will ultimately affect treatment decisions and(More)
Conventional abrasive sanding generates high concentrations of particles. Depending on the substrate being abraded and exposure duration, overexposure to the particles can cause negative health effects ranging from respiratory irritation to cancer. The goal of this study was to understand the differences in particle emissions between a conventional random(More)
Certain technical modifications of the viscosimetric methods as first employed by Northrop and Hussey have been presented. Most of these have been employed with satisfactory results in the irradiation studies of Hussey and Thompson over a period of several years. These are in turn applied to a method of estimation of amylase concentration.
Purpose: To evaluate qualitative and quantitative CT perfusion (CTP) for different treatment options of delayed cerebral ischemia (DCI) in aneurysmal SAH. Methods: Retrospective study of consecutive SAH patients enrolled in a prospective IRB-approved clinical trial. Qualitative analysis of CTP deficits were determined by two blinded neuroradiologists.(More)