Carl E Brendenberg

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The effects of plasma lavage on pulmonary surfactant and edema were studied in anesthetized open-chest dogs. After instrumentation and baseline measurements, citrated autologous plasma (1.5 ml/kg) was lavaged into each lung (n = 6). A control group was administered the same dose of buffered saline solution (n = 4). Hemodynamic parameters, blood gases, and(More)
Free fatty acids of meconium alter surface tension of lung extract in vitro. We examined meconium and its primary free fatty acids (oleic, palmitic, stearic) instilled in vivo into the trachea of 15 experimental and 8 control mongrel dogs who were anesthetized, placed on a piston ventilator and subjected to a left thoracotomy. The lungs were lavaged with(More)
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