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A side population (SP) has been identified in a number of tissues, where it typically represents a small population enriched in stem/progenitor cells. In this study we show that the adult mouse anterior pituitary (AP) also contains a characteristic SP displaying verapamil-sensitive Hoechst dye efflux capacity. A majority of the SP cells express stem cell(More)
An experimental setting and software were developed to evaluate cardiac autonomic function in unrestrained rats. Subcutaneously implanted ECG electrodes and an indwelling venous catheter were tunneled to a tail cuff in five rats. The ECG was A/D converted at 1000 Hz. After peak detection, a time series of RR intervals was obtained. Programs for the analysis(More)
Living organisms represent, in essence, dynamic interactions of high complexity between membrane-separated compartments that cannot exist on their own, but reach behaviour in co-ordination. In multicellular organisms, there must be communication and co-ordination between individual cells and cell groups to achieve appropriate behaviour of the system.(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Hepatic stellate cells (HSC) are commonly considered the precursor population of septal myofibroblasts (MF) in cirrhosis. We studied the distribution and expression profile of mesenchymal (myo)fibroblast-like populations in fibrotic and cirrhotic liver, in an attempt to elucidate their possible interrelationships. METHODS(More)
The expression of neurotrophins and neurotrophin receptors in non-neural tissue is related to tissue remodeling, differentiation, proliferation and migration of target cells. The literature yields contradictory results on neurotrophin and neurotrophin receptor expression in the liver. We show immunoreactivity to antibodies to nerve growth factor (NGF),(More)
Nestin is an intermediate filament protein that has originally been identified as a marker of neuroepithelial stem/progenitor cells. The present study explored whether nestin immunoreactivity (nestin-ir) is present in the rat pituitary and in which cell type(s). Nestin-ir was observed in scattered cells in the anterior, intermediate, and neural lobes.(More)
In the rat the hepatic branch of the nervus vagus stimulates proliferation of hepatocytes after partial hepatectomy and growth of bile duct epithelial cells after bile duct ligation. We studied the effect of hepatic vagotomy on the activation of the hepatic progenitor cell compartment in human and rat liver. The number of hepatic progenitor cells and(More)
The pleomorphic adenoma gene 1 (Plag1) proto-oncogene encodes a transcription factor and is implicated in human tumorigenesis via ectopic overexpression. No information is available about its developmental role. To address this, a Plag1-/- mouse strain was generated and it appears that Plag1-deficient mice are viable. No anatomical differences are obvious(More)
Reaggregate cell cultures of mouse or rat anterior pituitary were found to produce interleukin-6 (IL-6), a cytokine known for its multiple actions in the immune system. Studies on aggregates prepared from differentially enriched pituitary cell populations revealed the presence of folliculo-stellate (FS) cells to be essential for IL-6 production. Aggregates(More)