Carl D. Gregory

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Cells undergoing programmed cell death (apoptosis) are cleared rapidly in vivo by phagocytes without inducing inflammation. Here we show that the glycosylphosphatidylinositol-linked plasma-membrane glycoprotein CD14 on the surface of human macrophages is important for the recognition and clearance of apoptotic cells. CD14 can also act as a receptor that(More)
Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), a human herpesvirus, establishes a persistent asymptomatic infection of the circulating B-lymphocyte pool. The mechanism of virus persistence is not understood but, given the limited lifespan of most B cells in vivo, it seems most likely that EBV-infected cells must gain access to the long-lived memory B-cell pool. Here we show in(More)
Some EBV+ BL cell lines continue to grow as single cells on in vitro passage, show an unusually restricted expression of EBV-latent genes and retain a BL biopsy-like cell surface phenotype (group I/II lines); others change to growth in aggregates, show a broader pattern of virus latent gene expression, and develop a cell surface phenotype more(More)
Exercise-induced decreases in the (1)H transverse relaxation rate (R(2)) of muscle have been well documented, but the mechanism remains unclear. In this study, the hypothesis was tested that R(2) decreases could be explained by pH decreases and apparent intracellular volume (V(i)') increases. (31)P and (1)H spectroscopy, biexponential R(2) analysis, and(More)
The standard model for the origin of galactic magnetic fields is through the amplification of seed fields via dynamo or turbulent processes to the level consistent with present observations. Although other mechanisms may also operate, currents from misaligned pressure and temperature gradients (the Biermann battery process) inevitably accompany the(More)
Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging show contrast between the inner and outer myometrium, which is useful in the diagnosis of gynecological disorders. To determine whether the image contrast is associated with biochemical differences between these myometrial regions, phosphorus metabolite concentrations in the inner one third of the myometrium (the(More)
Shimming is important. Noniterative methods are desirable. Such methods exist for shimming a spectrometer with pulsed field gradients, generally based on field maps made by spin-warp Fourier imaging. For spectrometers with no pulsed gradients (or for cases where T2 is too short to permit echo imaging), an alternative method is presented:(More)