Carl C. H. Petersen

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The dynamic I-V curve method was recently introduced for the efficient experimental generation of reduced neuron models. The method extracts the response properties of a neuron while it is subject to a naturalistic stimulus that mimics in vivo-like fluctuating synaptic drive. The resulting history-dependent, transmembrane current is then projected onto a(More)
Serine proteases are considered to be involved in plasticity-related events in the nervous system, but their in vivo targets and the importance of their control by endogenous inhibitors are still not clarified. Here, we demonstrate the crucial role of a potent serine protease inhibitor, protease nexin-1 (PN-1), in the regulation of activity-dependent brain(More)
The fluorescence decay of high-affinity nonratiometric Ca2+ indicator Oregon Green BAPTA-1 (OGB-1) is analyzed with unprecedented temporal resolution in the two-photon excitation regime. A triple exponential decay is shown to best fit the fluorescence dynamics of OGB-1. We provide a model for accurate measurements of the free Ca2+ concentration and(More)
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