Carl C. Garber

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Total bilirubin is determined here with a multipoint calibration approach and with use of Standard Reference Material No. 916 bilirubin from the National Bureau of Standards. The bilirubin calibration solutions prepared in solutions of Cohn Fraction V human albumin were stable for at least one year when stored at -80 degrees C. Studies for direct bilirubin(More)
BACKGROUND Interpretation of parathyroid hormone (iPTH) requires knowledge of vitamin D status that is influenced by season. OBJECTIVE Characterize the temporal relationship between 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 levels [25(OH)D3] and intact iPTH for several seasons, by gender and latitude in the U.S. and relate 25-hydrovitamin D2 [25(OH)D2] levels with PTH levels(More)
This document addresses appropriate methods of collection and analysis, quality control, and the evaluation and reporting of test results. A guideline for global application developed through the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute consensus process. formerly NCCLS) is an international, interdisciplinary, nonprofit, standards-developing, and(More)
We describe the interlaboratory testing of a candidate Reference Method (Part I) for uric acid in serum. The method is based on the ultrasound spectrophotometric quantitation of uric acid before and after incubation with uricase. A comprehensive investigation involving 12 laboratories was organized to document the transferability, intra- and interlaboratory(More)
Protein activation of urinary alpha-amylase (EC activity was observed during an evaluation of the Du Pont aca procedure for the determination of urinary alpha-amylase. This activation effect became constant for urinary albumin concentrations exceeding 1.50 g/liter. It is recommended that urinary alpha-amylase be analyzed with sufficient albumin(More)
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