Carl Brunner

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Pairwise classification is the task to predict whether the examples a,b of a pair (a,b) belong to the same class or to different classes. In particular, interclass generalization problems can be treated in this way. In pairwise classification, the order of the two input examples should not affect the classification result. To achieve this, particular(More)
The new communication standard IEC 61850 is now introduced to substation automation replacing all wires by serial communication. Based on mainstream communication means like Ethernet it profits from a high flexibility regarding communication architectures. But any solution has to fulfill all reliability requirements resulting from the safety-critical(More)
This paper provides a summary of the IEEE C37.238-2011 standard, which specifies a subset of PTP parameters and options to provide global time availability, device interoperability, and failure management. This set of PTP parameters and options allows IEEE 1588-based time synchronization to be used in mission critical power system protection, control,(More)
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