Carl B Paulino

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STUDY DESIGN A cross section of Web sites accessible to the general public was surveyed. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the quality and accuracy of information on scoliosis that a patient might access on the Internet. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The Internet is a rapidly expanding communications network with an estimated 765 million users worldwide by the year(More)
PURPOSE To measure anatomic variations of the lumbar plexus within the psoas in relation to the L2/3, L3/4, and L4/5 disc spaces and to delineate a safe zone to avoid nerve injury during retractor placement via the transpsoas approach. METHODS Six male and 6 female cadavers (24 psoas/ lumbar plexuses) aged 35 to 74 years were dissected. The lumbar plexus(More)
Reduced hospital staffing on weekends is a hypothesized risk factor for adverse health outcomes--commonly referred to as the weekend effect. We conducted a study on the effect of weekend admission on short-term outcomes among US hip fracture patients. We selected Nationwide Inpatient Sample (1998-2010) patients with a principal diagnosis of femoral neck(More)
BACKGROUND Systemic corticosteroids are commonly used to treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, but they can be associated with various musculoskeletal problems and disorders. There currently is a limited amount of data describing the postoperative complications of THA associated specifically with chronic corticosteroid use. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES For(More)
AIMS Some individuals have a preference for the present rather than for the future. We investigated the impact of this impatient relationship to temporality on adherence to medication and HbA(1c) level in type 2 diabetic patients. METHODS An observational, cross-sectional monocenter study in 90 patients consulting for a health check-up at a Center for(More)
This study evaluated patients who were given transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) compared with a matched group without TENS prior to intervention and at 1-year follow-up. Patients who were treated with TENS had significantly fewer hospital and clinic visits, used less diagnostic imaging (31 vs 46 events per 100 patients), had fewer physical(More)
To achieve optimal results after fusion for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS), radiographic parameters must be aligned with motion and performance. The effects of fusion on balance are poorly understood. Center of mass (COM) excursion and instantaneous interaction with center of pressure (COP) provides information about patients' balancing ability(More)
It has been described that the frequency ranges at which theta, mu and alpha rhythms oscillate is increasing with age. The present report, by analyzing the spontaneous EEG, tries to demonstrate whether there is an increase with age in the frequency at which the cortical structures oscillate. A topographical approach was followed. The spontaneous EEG of one(More)
BACKGROUND Hemophilia can lead to the development of arthropathies secondary to recurrent hemarthroses. However, given these patients' bleeding tendencies, postoperative complications associated with blood loss are a considerable concern. METHODS We identified men in the Nationwide Inpatient Sample who underwent total hip or knee arthroplasty between(More)
BACKGROUND Open fracture is a serious orthopaedic injury that can lead to significant patient morbidity and mortality. There is limited data on the mortality risk for open compared to closed long bone fracture. METHODS The Nationwide Inpatient Sample was used to identify all patients who were admitted with a long bone fracture in the United States between(More)