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Evidence indicates that while service users are dissatisfied with current ward round practices, studies of how professionals experience this practice are sparse. This study highlights staff view of the once-a-week psychiatric ward round compared to a reformed ward round taking place every weekday. Interviews were conducted at one acute psychiatric ward in(More)
To address the humanitarian problem posed by millions of people in the world that need wheelchairs, non-profit organizations design, manufacture, and distribute low cost wheelchairs. These wheelchairs sometimes have camber or toe wheel misalignment after manufacturing or long-term use. With marginal health, wheelchair users are greatly impacted by greater(More)
Continuity Planning: Management Awareness High — Execution Effectiveness Low; A Receipt for Radical Change: CP Process Improvement; The Process Approach to Continuity Planning; Moving to a CP Process Improvement Environment; How Does One Get There? The Concept of the CP Value Journey; The Need for Organizational Change Management; How Is Success Measured?(More)