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When an edentulous mandible is restored with 4 or more implants connected by a metal bar and retained with screws, mandibular flexure may cause screw loosening and unnecessary stresses and strains on the prosthesis and implants. Separating the prosthesis at the midline can relieve these stresses and strains. This article describes the separation of a hybrid(More)
Under exposure treatment of 33 burn patients with povidone-iodine (polyvinylpyrrolidon-iodine) preparations (Betaisodona ointment and solution) massive absorption of the iodine by the body and temporary changes in the thyroid hormones (T3 and T4 lowered, TSH raised) were found. No other clinical or laboratory-chemical side effects were observed in the(More)
Several methods of classification of partially edentulous arches have been proposed and are in use. The most familiar classifications are those originally proposed by Kennedy, Cummer, and Bailyn. None of these classification systems include implants, simply because most of them were proposed before implants became widely accepted. At this time, there is no(More)
In the main wind direction of a coal-fired power plant dust and soil samples have been collected to analyse the content of fly-ash coming from the power plant. The fly-ash particles are spherical and contain the natural radionuclides mainly Ra-226, Pb-210, Po-210 and K-40 in a higher concentration when compared with the original coal. The investigation of(More)
Cadmium (Cd) uptake by cocoa has recently attracted attention, after the European Union (EU) decided to establish values for tolerable Cd concentrations in cocoa products. Bean Cd concentrations from some cocoa provenances, especially from Latin America, were found to exceed these values. Cadmium uptake by cocoa is expected not only to depend on a variety(More)
Bei der offenen Behandlung von 33 Brandverletzten mit PVP-Jod-Präparaten (Betaisodona®-Salbe und-Lösung) wurden eine massive Jodresorption und passagere Schilddrüsenhormonveränderungen (T3- und T4-Abfall, TSH-Erhöhung) festgestellt. Andere laborchemische oder klinische Nebenwirkungen ließen sich bei den Patienten nicht beobachten. Bei 18 Patienten wurde 3(More)
The absorption of iodine from iodine-containing PVP preparations and the possibility of iodide being split off from the organic compound were tested in subjects with normal thyroid function after they had used PVP-iodine as mouth-antiseptic (15 subjects), vaginal gel (20 subjects) or liquid soap (20 subjects). Serum I-, T3, T4, TSH and urinary iodide(More)
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