Carl Albing

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This paper describes our OpenACC porting efforts for a code that we have developed that solves the isothermal incompressible Navier Stokes equation via the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM). Implemented initially as a hybrid MPI/OpenMP parallel program, we ported our code to use OpenACC in order to obtain the benefit of accelerators in a high performance(More)
Tycho was conceived in 2003 in response to a need by the GridRM [1] resource-monitoring project for a “light-weight”, scalable and easy to use wide-area distributed registry and messaging system. Since Tycho’s first release in 2006 a number of modifications have been made to the system to make it easier to use and more flexible.(More)
High Performance Computing (HPC) job performance can vary because of location in the HPC system interconnect. Contiguous and compact allocations of compute nodes for parallel jobs is ideal but infeasible once other jobs have been placed. Reasonable performance of parallel jobs has been achieved with non-contiguous job placement in 3D-torus HPC systems using(More)
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