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The theory of automata is shown not capable of representing the actual physical flow of information in the solution of a recursive problem. The argument proceeds as follows: 1. We assume the following postulates: a) there exists an upper bound on the speed of signals; b) there exists an upper bound on the density with which information can be stored. 2.(More)
Few data exist about the Fagerström Test for Nicotine Dependence (FTND) and the Heaviness of Smoking Index (HSI) from population samples. The goal was to prove to what degree (1) a reduced item solution of the FTND and (2) the HSI represent the FTND. Two randomized adult population samples were used from northern Germany. Sample 1 included 1462 and sample 2(More)
In study planning for large-scale epidemiological studies with multi-type examinations, important resource questions have to be answered, e.g. study horizons, personnel and other resources and cost estimates are needed. A simulation approach for scheduling that uses relevant parameters to simulate examination times gives simulation distributions that can be(More)
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