Carl A. Ventrice

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Graphene is a 2-­‐D sheet of sp 2 bonded carbon atoms with exceptional electrical properties. Particularly, graphene has a very high carrier mobility (~200,000 cm 2 /V· • s). This is largely due to graphene's unique electronic structure, wherein charge carriers are effectively massless Dirac fermions. However, the unique electronic structure of graphene has(More)
Angle-resolved photoemission study and first-principles calculation of the electronic structure of LaSb2, The electronic structure of metal/alkane thiol self-assembled monolayers/metal junctions for magnetoelectronics applications, Chemical Physics Letters 381 (2003) 7?13.
COPYRIGHT by Simona Rieman Nava 2009 iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my mother, and my father for the love and support throughout my life, education and accomplishing this document. I would also like to thank my loving husband, Jose Nava, for being my daily rock and support throughout the past two years of pursuing my master's. I cannot put into(More)
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