Carl A. Gunter

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PLAN (Packet Language for Active Networks) is a new language for programs that form the packets of a programmable network. These programs replace the packet headers (which can be viewed as very rudimentary programs) used in current networks. As such, PLAN programs are lightweight and of restricted functionality. These limitations are mitigated by allowing(More)
Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption allows a client to store a dynamic collection of encrypted documents with a server, and later quickly carry out keyword searches on these encrypted documents, while revealing minimal information to the server. In this paper we present a new dynamic SSE scheme that is simpler and more efficient than existing schemes(More)
M a y / J u n e 2 0 0 0 I E E E S O F T W A R E 37 between the user-requirements specification and the software-requirements specification, mandating complete documentation of each according to various rules. Other cases emphasize this distinction less. For instance, some groups at Microsoft argue that the difficulty of keeping a technical specification(More)
We show how to use an interactive theorem prover, HOL, together with a model checker, SPIN, to prove key properties of distance vector routing protocols. We do three case studies: correctness of the RIP standard, a sharp real-time bound on RIP stability, and preservation of loop-freedom in AODV, a distance vector protocol for wireless networks. We develop(More)
Workflow management systems (WFMSs) have attracted a lot of interest both in academia and the business community. A workflow consists of a collection of tasks that are organized to facilitate some business process specification. To simplify the complexity of security administration, it is common to use role-based access control (RBAC) to grant authorization(More)
D. Scott Alexander, William A. Arbaugh, Michael W. Hicks, Pankaj Kakkar, Angelos D. Keromytis, Jonathan T. Moore, Carl A. Gunter, Scott M. Nettles, and Jonathan M. Smith University of Pennsylvania July 7, 1998 Abstract Active networks must balance the exibility of a programmable network infrastructure against the safety and security requirements inherent in(More)
There is a growing interest in establishing rules to regulate the privacy of citizens in the treatment of sensitive personal data such as medical and financial records. Such rules must be respected by software used in these sectors. The regulatory statements are somewhat informal and must be interpreted carefully in the software interface to private data.(More)
We provide a proof using HOL and SPIN of convergence for the Routing Information Protocol RIP an internet protocol based on distance vector routing We also calculate a sharp realtime bound for this convergence This extends existing results to deal with the RIP standard itself which has complexities not accounted for in theorems about ab stract versions of(More)