Carl A. Bauer

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The directed three-dimensional self-assembly of microstructures and nanostructures through the selective hybridization of DNA is the focus of great interest toward the fabrication of new materials. Single-stranded DNA is covalently attached to polystyrene latex microspheres. Single-stranded DNA can function as a sequence-selective Velcro by only bonding to(More)
All fiber lasers to date emit radiation only along the fiber axis. Here a fiber that exhibits laser emission that is radially directed from its circumferential surface is demonstrated. A unique and controlled azimuthally anisotropic optical wave front results from the interplay between a cylindrical photonic bandgap fiber resonator, anisotropic organic dye(More)
Nanoscale features as small as 65 ± 5 nm have been formed reproducibly by using 520 nm femtosecond pulsed excitation of a 4,4'-bis(din -butylamino)biphenyl chromophore to initiate crosslinking in a triacrylate blend. Dosimetry studies of the photoinduced polymerization were performed on chromophores with sizable two-photon absorption cross-sections at 520(More)
The enhanced optical nonlinearity enabled by localized plasmonic fields has been well studied for all-optical switching processing (AOSP) devices for future optical communication systems. In this work, plasmonic photonic crystals with a nonlinear polycarbonate/polymethine blend cladding layer are designed to enhance the third harmonic generation (THG) at(More)
A new frequency-domain electromagnetic algorithm is developed for simulating curved interfaces between anisotropic dielectrics embedded in a Yee mesh with second-order error in resonant frequencies. The algorithm is systematically derived using the finite integration formulation of Maxwell's equations on the Yee mesh. Second-order convergence of the error(More)
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