Carissa P Jones

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Despite use of sterile or disposable laryngoscope blades for each patient, disinfection of laryngoscope handles does not routinely occur, and these devices present a potential route of transmission of pathogens between patients and staff. A total of 192 specimens from 64 laryngoscope handles deemed 'ready for patient use' in the anaesthetic rooms of 32(More)
A study involving the use of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) was conducted to evaluate genetic polymorphism and relatedness within and among four chicken breeds: Araucona, Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn, and White Plymouth Rock, and two turkey populations, a long-term randombred and a commercial strain. A total of 60 random primers were used in the(More)
The biogeography of Central America is viewed as a classic case study in understanding the impact of vicariant events on patterns of biotic dispersal. While many biogeographers have focused on community composition and geographical limits of species at broad scales across Central America, much less work has focused on post-colonization diversification(More)
A novel method for the simple and cheap manufacture of microband and multiple microband electrodes is described. The construction technique is based entirely on the screen printing of the surface of alumina tiles with conducting and insulating ink materials. The range of potentials over which the electrodes may be used has been determined by basic(More)
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