Carine Marty

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Tumour-associated macrophages, TAMs, play a pivotal role in tumour growth and metastasis by promoting tumour angiogenesis. Treatment with clodronate encapsulated in liposomes (clodrolip) efficiently depleted these phagocytic cells in the murine F9 teratocarcinoma and human A673 rhabdomyosarcoma mouse tumour models resulting in significant inhibition of(More)
We prepared small unilamellar liposomes derivatised with single chain antibody fragments specific for the ED-B domain of B-fibronectin. This extracellular matrix associated protein is expressed around newly forming blood vessels in the vicinity of many types of tumours. The single chain antibody fragments were functionalised by introduction of C-terminal(More)
The mechanisms of inflammation in acne are currently subject of intense investigation. This study focused on the activation of adaptive and innate immunity in clinically early visible inflamed acne lesions and was performed in two independent patient populations. Biopsies were collected from lesional and non-lesional skin of acne patients. Using Affymetrix(More)
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