Carine Guillet-Claude

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The sequencing and analysis of ESTs is for now the only practical approach for large-scale gene discovery and annotation in conifers because their very large genomes are unlikely to be sequenced in the near future. Our objective was to produce extensive collections of ESTs and cDNA clones to support manufacture of cDNA microarrays and gene discovery in(More)
Polymorphisms within three candidate genes for lignin biosynthesis were investigated to identify alleles useful for the improvement of maize digestibility. The allelic diversity of two caffeoyl-CoA 3-O-methyltransferase genes, CCoAOMT2 and CCoAOMT1, as well as that of the aldehyde O-methyltransferase gene, AldOMT, was evaluated for 34 maize lines chosen for(More)
Class I knox genes code for transcription factors that play an essential role in plant growth and development as central regulators of meristem cell identity. Based on the analysis of new cDNA sequences from various tissues and genomic DNA sequences, we identified a highly diversified group of class I knox genes in conifers. Phylogenetic analyses of(More)
Polymorphisms were investigated within the ZmPox3 maize peroxidase gene, possibly involved in lignin biosynthesis because of its colocalization with a cluster of QTL related to lignin content and cell wall digestibility. The purpose of this study was to identify, on the basis of 37 maize lines chosen for their varying degrees of cell wall digestibility and(More)
Genes involved in transcription regulation may represent valuable targets in association genetics studies because of their key roles in plant development and potential selection at the molecular level. Selection and demographic signatures at the sequence level were investigated for five regulatory genes belonging to the knox-I family (KN1, KN2, KN3, KN4)(More)
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