Carine Diebold

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This paper presents a theoretical study showing the mechanism of light transmission through opaque metallic films perforated with nanocoaxial apertures thanks to the excitation of their cutoff-free TEM (Transverse ElectroMagnetic) guided mode. Full three-dimensional Finite Difference Time Domain (3D-FDTD) together with a Body-Of-Revolution FDTD simulation(More)
The spontaneous self-assembly of a neutral circular trinuclear Ti(IV) -based helicate is described through the reaction of titanium(IV) isopropoxide with a rationally designed tetraphenolic ligand. The trimeric ring helicate was obtained after diffusion of n-pentane into a solution with dichloromethane. The circular helicate has been characterized by using(More)
In this communication, we report that by running Mizoroki-Heck reactions of various aryl iodides in toluene-DMF, only extremely low amounts of supported Pd (0.04 mequiv.) are required to obtain almost quantitative yields. The catalyst was reused successfully up to three times.
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