Carine Castelein

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Travelers to West Central Africa are at risk for infection with Onchocerca volvulus. We describe the case of an adventurous traveler who became infected with O volvulus after a 10-day stay in rural Cameroon. Two years after his return, he was diagnosed with a 3-month history of limb swelling with pruritus and fixed edema of the right arm. He was(More)
Pull-out roller towels were infected with bacteria and examined with 5 non-destructive methods. In addition to three traditional methods, the agar contact method (A), the swab method (S) and the tape method (T), two lesser known methods have been applied: the rinsing box method (R), new developed in the laboratory, and the filter method (F). In the first(More)
At least twelve genetically distinct systems of RBC membrane alloantigens have thus far been detected in the chicken. Earlier studies have indicated that some of these are 'latent' in that the full development of surface antigen appears only gradually during ontogeny. The present experiments show that the alloantigens B2, B19, E1 and I2 are among those(More)
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