Carine C Callegaro

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In patients with severe autonomic dysfunction, water ingestion elicits an acute pressor response. Hypertension may be associated with changes in cardiovascular autonomic modulation, but there is no information on the acute effects of water ingestion in patients with hypertension. In this study, we compared the effect of acute water ingestion on haemodynamic(More)
Impaired neural transduction of barosensory vessel stretch into vagal outflow is a primary determinant of reduced cardiovagal baroreflex gain with human aging. We set out to determine whether age-related reductions in this neural component of the baroreflex might be offset by enhancing the central integration/efferent responsiveness of the neural arc. Low(More)
The inspiratory metaboreflex is activated during loaded breathing to task failure and induces sympathetic activation and peripheral vasoconstriction that may limit exercise performance. Inspiratory muscle training appears to attenuate the inspiratory metaboreflex in healthy subjects. Since whole body aerobic exercise training improves breathing endurance(More)
BACKGROUND Heart failure induces histological, metabolic and functional adaptations in the inspiratory muscles. This inspiratory muscle weakness, which occurs in 30% to 50% of the heart failure patients, is associated with reduction in the functional capacity, reduction in the quality of life and with a poor prognosis in these individuals. OBJECTIVES The(More)
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