Carina Wollnik

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A reliable extraction of filament data from microscopic images is of high interest in the analysis of acto-myosin structures as early morphological markers in mechanically guided differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells and the understanding of the underlying fiber arrangement processes. In this paper, we propose the filament sensor (FS), a fast and(More)
Mechanotransduction - how cells sense physical forces and translate them into biochemical and biological responses - is a vibrant and rapidly-progressing field, and is important for a broad range of biological phenomena. This forum explores the role of mechanotransduction in a variety of cellular activities and highlights intriguing questions that deserve(More)
Adult human mesenchymal stem cells show structural rearrangements of their cytoskeletal network during mechanically induced differentiation toward various cell types. In particular, the alignment of acto-myosin fibers is cell fate-dependent and can serve as an early morphological marker of differentiation. Quantification of such nanostructures on a(More)
We present some results on biometrics and simulation of migrating human epidermal keratinocytes. Outlines of both cell body and lamella are determined by stochastic active contours that are driven by brightness gradients in timelapse micrographs. The corresponding cell trajectories exhibit characteristic correlation features in protrusion and directionality(More)
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