Carina Wolf

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Furthering G. W. Allport's contentions for optimal contact, the authors introduce a new construct: the perceived importance of contact. They propose that perceived importance is the best proximal predictor of contact's reduction of prejudice. If individuals have opportunities for contact at work or in the neighborhood, their chances to have intergroup(More)
  • Carina Wolf
  • Environmental science and pollution research…
  • 1996
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a systemic disorder causing central nervous, irritative and gastrointestinal symptoms, and can be included in the category of "idiopathic environmental intolerance" (IEI). This term describes phenomena with multiple, recurrent symptoms associated with various environmental factors that are tolerated by most people(More)
In this work, we analyse a deterministic epidemic mathematical model motivated by the propagation of a hantavirus (Puumala hantavirus) within a bank vole population (Clethrionomys glareolus). The host population is split into juvenile and adult individuals. A heterogeneous spatial chronological age and infection age structure is considered, and also(More)
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