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Obstinate and Inefficient: Why Member States Do Not Comply With European Law
This article seeks to explain cross-country variation in noncompliance with European law. Although noncompliance has not significantly increased over time, some European Union member states violate
Recalcitrance, Inefficiency, and Support for European Integration: Why Member States Do (Not) Comply with European Law. CES Working Paper, no. 151, 2007
This paper seeks to explain inter-state variation in non-compliance with European law. While non-compliance has not significantly increased over time, some member states violate European law more
Why Do States not Obey the Law? Non-Compliance in the European Union
The paper summarizes the first results of the project “Non-Compliance with European Law” (BO 1831) funded by the German Research Council (DFG). For helpful comments and criticisms, we are
The Myth of a Green Europe
Unlike most nation-states, the EU faces the challenge of actively creating and sustaining myths about its polity. In this article we explore if and under what conditions the story of a ‘Green Europe’
Legislative Transposition of Directives: Exploring the Other Role of National Parliaments in the European Union
This article explores the role of national parliaments in the implementation of EU policies. It analyzes the effect of parliamentary involvement ex post on the timely transposition of EU directives
A New Type of Representative Democracy? Reconsidering the Role of National Parliaments in the European Union
Abstract As compensation for their disempowerment in the process of European integration, national parliaments have been provided with various new rights and powers since the 1990s, culminating in
Ever More or Ever Better Scrutiny? Analysing the Conditions of Effective National Parliamentary Involvement in EU Affairs
Although one of the arguments for involving national parliaments in the European Union (EU) is to make EU politics more accountable, the literature has made few attempts to analyse under which
How Policy‐Shaping Might (Not) Affect Policy‐Taking: The Case Of National Parliaments in the European Union
Abstract There is an increasing literature which traces non‐compliance with European Union (EU) law back to the decision‐making stage. Yet, little attempts have been made to theorize on how and why
National parliaments in the European Union: Moving towards more ‘cooperative’ institutions?
This article argues that the effective participation in systems of multilevel governance such as the European Union (EU) requires national parliaments to become more ‘cooperative’ institutions. In