Carina M. B. De Carvalho

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Valeriana glechomifolia is a plant species endemic to southern Brazil that accumulates valepotriates, which are terpene derivatives, in all of its organs. Valepotriates are the presumed sedative generic components of the pharmaceutically used species of Valeriana. The influence of various concentrations of the auxins indole-3-acetic acid, indole-3-butyric(More)
Valeriana glechomifolia is an endemic species of southern Brazil, capable of accumulating, in all of its organs, the terpene derivatives known as valepotriates, the presumed sedative components of the roots of pharmaceutically used species of Valeriana. In vitro cultures of the plant were established and the accumulation of acevaltrate, didrovaltrate, and(More)
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