Carina Juel Lomborg

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A study of NIR as a tool for process monitoring of thermophilic anaerobic digestion boosted by glycerol has been carried out, aiming at developing simple and robust Process Analytical Technology modalities for on-line surveillance in full scale biogas plants. Three 5 L laboratory fermenters equipped with on-line NIR sensor and special sampling stations were(More)
Optimization of 2nd generation bioethanol production from wheat straw requires comprehensive knowledge of plant intake feedstock composition. Near Infrared Spectroscopy is evaluated as a potential method for instantaneous quantification of the salient fermentation wheat straw components: cellulose (glucan), hemicelluloses (xylan, arabinan), and lignin.(More)
The possibility of using near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy for monitoring of liquid whey quality parameters during protein production process has been tested. The parameters included total solids, lactose, protein and fat content. The samples for the experiment were taken from real industrial processes and had a large variability for most of the parameters.(More)
In this study, two process analytical technologies, near infrared spectroscopy and acoustic chemometrics, were investigated as means of monitoring a maize silage spiked biogas process. A reactor recirculation loop which enables sampling concomitant with on-line near infrared characterisation was applied. Near infrared models resulted in multivariate models(More)
Production monitoring of "natural" 2-heptanone from octanoic acid in an industrial fed-batch cultivation based on Penicillium roqueforti requires development of a method for determination of octanoic acid dissolved in the water phase. An electronic tongue array using six non-specific potentiometric sensors with solid inner contact, and a pH electrode, has(More)
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