Carina Herrmann

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A protein of Mr 100,000 (MVP100) is highly enriched in the electromotor system of electric rays. Biochemical analysis indicates that MVP100 is contained in the cholinergic nerve terminals of Torpedo electric organ as part of a large cytosolic complex. On sucrose density gradient centrifugation MVP100 comigrates with synaptic vesicles or synaptosomes. It can(More)
RNA was previously shown to be transported into both dendritic and axonal compartments of nerve cells, presumably involving a ribonucleoprotein particle. In order to reveal potential mechanisms of transport we investigated the axonal transport of the major vault protein of the electric ray Torpedo marmorata. This protein is the major protein component of a(More)
The major vault protein is the predominant constituent of vaults ubiquitous large cytosolic ribonucleoprotein particles. A cDNA clone encoding the 100-kDa major vault protein (MVP100) was isolated from an electric lobe library of Discopyge ommata. The complete nucleotide sequence was determined. Northern blot analysis revealed a 2.8-kb transcript with a(More)
The continuous surveillance of glucose concentration reduces short-term risks and long-term complications for people with diabetes mellitus, a disorder of glucose metabolism. As a first step towards the continuous monitoring of glucose, reagent-free transmission spectroscopy in the mid-infrared region has been carried out in vitro using a quantum cascade(More)
The mycotoxins altenuene (ALT) and isoaltenuene (iALT) frequently occur in food and feed items infested by fungi of the genus Alternaria, but nothing is known about their oxidative metabolism in mammals. We have therefore incubated ALT and iALT with microsomes from rat liver in the presence of a nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH)-generating(More)
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