Carina Heidenborg

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Dietary management of 418 adult patients with galactosaemia (from 39 centres/12 countries) was compared. All centres advised lactose restriction, 6 restricted galactose from galactosides ± fruits and vegetables and 12 offal. 38% (n=15) relaxed diet by: 1) allowing traces of lactose in manufactured foods (n=13) or 2) giving fruits, vegetables and(More)
BACKGROUND There appears little consensus concerning protein requirements in phenylketonuria (PKU). METHODS A questionnaire completed by 63 European and Turkish IMD centres from 18 countries collected data on prescribed total protein intake (natural/intact protein and phenylalanine-free protein substitute [PS]) by age, administration frequency and method,(More)
BACKGROUND Severe intellectual disability and growth impairment have been overcome by the success of early and continuous treatment of patients with phenylketonuria (PKU). However, there are some reports of obesity, particularly in women, suggesting that this may be an important comorbidity in PKU. It is becoming evident that in addition to acceptable blood(More)
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