Carina Engstrand

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The CO2 hydration activities of cloned human carbonic anhydrase II (carbonate hydro-lyase, EC and variants with Lys, Glu, Gln or Ala replacing His at sequence position 64 have been measured in a variety of different buffers in the pH range 6-9. The variants with Lys-64, Gln-64 and Ala-64 showed non-Michaelis-Menten behavior under some conditions,(More)
Three isozyme-specific residues in the active site of human carbonic anhydrase I, Val62, His67, and His200, have been changed by site-directed mutagenesis to their counterparts in human carbonic anhydrase II, Asn62, Asn67, and Thr200. A double mutant, containing Asn62 and Asn67, and a triple mutant, containing all three alterations, were also produced. The(More)
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